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Graeme Armstrong

Your wedding ceremony will look and feel like a five star movie.

Your wedding ceremony is much more than the recital of vows and the signing of documents. Your ceremony is the blending of family histories and the merging of individual hopes, dreams and desires that need to be honoured, communicated and presented with the style and pizzazz that is uniquely yours.

When you engage me to marry you, you get much, much more than a marriage celebrant. My ceremonies are original and innovative I do not imitate. My attention to detail is impeccable and without peer in the wedding industry. I work closely with you to plan, script and choreograph your ceremony so it flows with the ease and dynamics of a well-rehearsed A-lister movie, with you in the starring role.

A great wedding ceremony is one that engages its guests

Whether your ceremony has an intimate audience of a dozen or so or two hundred plus guests I offer you a myriad of ceremonial options that are personably written and designed  to include your family and guests. These styles of ritual moments evoke feelings of unity, support and excitement in your wedding. Your ceremony becomes a part of your guests through feelings and this is something that creates indelible memories in everyone present.

I work with you in your ceremony rehearsal to develop a calm confidence and style to make you the starring actor and actress of the greatest show of your life.

As you make your first vows and statements as husband and wife your photographers and videographers are poised to capture that moment permanently and perfectly. These moments are the culmination of your efforts and the realisation of your dream. Together we will meticulously plan each moment so it is captured with emotion and class.

The words spoken during your wedding ceremony is much more than dull and dusty rhetoric. My ceremony wording is fresh and concise capturing your lives and vision together.

Spoken in clear language that everyone understands, sometimes humorous, touching and poignant my ceremony wording reaches the heart and soul of your guests. Blending unity with your wedding party and guests into one amazing ceremony that sets the scene for a great wedding reception to follow.


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Thank you Graeme for making our wedding day so special. We will treasure the memories you helped us make with your thoughtful planning and meticulous preparation! Everyone commented on what a beautiful ceremony we had. It wouldn't have been so special without your help!

Luke & Chanel x

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